WordPress Themes: Create Your Own Job Marketplace

In this time everyone wants to do something. The meaning of my word is everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. So the facilities for entrepreneur on the web world is so big. There are so much facilities to be an entrepreneur on the web. Today i am writing with this kind of facility.

There are so many freelancer in the world and increasing day by day. And marketplace for them are limited, there are a few familiar job marketplace. This is the time to create a new marketplace and make a brand.

As i know there are many people who actually want to make a marketplace, but the problem is they do not know how to create a marketplace. I think this is not a big deal that you have to know how to make a marketplace. But the big deal is you have to have the energy to carry on the marketplace. Because i have seen many of them who started and stop after a few time. So you need more energy, some people and some money. Hope you think that oh the big deal is now money? No i am not talking about so much money. If you do not have a programmer then you have to spent some money to buy a WordPress theme to create a job marketplace for your own.

The theme name is TaskerDev Task Marketplace Theme. This theme created by SiteMile. SiteMile is awesome for app based WordPress themes.

Taskerdev Theme Main Features

  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • WordPress 4.4 Support
  • Escrow Feature
  • Multi Language
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • Email Notifications
  • Twitter integration
  • Percent (%) fee per Task
  • Private Messaging
  • Feedback and Rating System
  • Digital Goods
  • Monetization Tools

Taskerdev is the only WordPress premium theme on the market, that transforms your WordPress installation into a fully featured task or job marketplace. Your users will be able to post tasks they can do, and others can purchase those services. Also users can post their requests, and other users can bid on the requests. With these key functions, you can have your own website where people can buy and sell services or jobs or tasks.

I think you will easily understand the admin area that how to handle the website. It is very user Friendly.

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