WordPress Themes: Choose Your Perfect Theme

There are so many free and premium WordPress themes in WordPress directory, you can choose anyone for your blog. But for newbie it is difficult to select a perfect theme for their blog. Because they are confused about which are free and which are premium.

If you want to choose a theme I will prefer premium theme, because premium theme get all kinds of update. But free themes get updates sometimes. There are so many important feature in premium themes, but free themes does not have. But if you are a developer or have any developing knowledge, then you can customize any free theme as you want.

WordPress Themes: Select Your Perfect Theme

If you want to use any free theme for personal use then its OK. But if you want to use for business purpose then you have to use premium themes. Now i will write some tips about how to choose perfect theme for your blog or website:

  • About your blog subject: always think about your blog subject. If you want to write about technology then choose a theme that’s look like a technical design.


  • General design: When a visitor comes to your blog, before reading a article they will see your blog design. If you have a attractive design then the visitor will come back again.


  • SEO Friendly: Make your blog seo friendly, make everything easily searchable. if any visitor does not get easily any content what he want, then next time that visitor will try to avoid your blog. So choose a design that have a seo friendly feature.


  • All browser supported: Some people use Firefox, some are chrome and some are explorer. Sometimes designs break in explorer, so you have to choose a design which support all browser.


  • Responsive: People browse most of time from mobile, laptops and smartphones. So you have to choose a design that support all device screen size, and visitor can easily navigate your blog.


  • Navigation: This is the main point of my article, you have to have a good navigation of your blog. Because people does not have too much time to visit your blog. So choose a good navigation, so people find anything easily on your blog.


  • Support & Options: Now select a design with all the features above and also with good support and options. Options is need for if you does not have any coding language then you can easily maintain the blog. And if you face a critical problem then you need a instant support. So good support is mandatory.

All those tips is my thinking about to select a good theme for your blog. Now think what feature you need more and research on it and then select your perfect theme. But i hope those feature i share is mandatory for all blogs.

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