Tips & Tricks: You Should Do After Install WordPress

Sometimes friends and my colleague ask me what should do after installing the WordPress first time? I answered them different in different time. But my answer is about on same thing. So i tried to write something about those all my answers. There are so many newbie who do not know what to after installing the WordPress. Lets learn something what i know.

You Should Do After Install WordPress

1. Index: Your site is new and do not have any content so turn off your google indexing. Because if crawler come to your site and don’t get anything then it will be very bad for your blog. So go to Settings>Reading Settings>Discourage search engines from indexing this site. Check this option then google will not index your blog. After posting 4 to 5 contents and completing your design you can enable this option.

2. Design: To change your design go to Appearance>Themes Option upload your design and activate it. Otherwise you can choose your desired design from WordPress theme library.

3. Permalink: Now change permalink settings from default to post name. You will find the settings in Settings>Permalink page.

4. Meta Data: Now customize your blog’s title, tagline and description according to your blog’s meta keyword. It is very important to keep your meta keyword in your blog’s title and description section.

5. Navigation: Now customize your navigation section . You can easily customize your navigation from Appearance>Menus. You can keep pages, categories or any custom links on your navigation.

6. Comments: Turn off spam comment on your blog. Because it makes various problem in your seo. But you can not approve your blog comments manually. So you can use WordPress default akismet plugin. Or use social comment system.

7. Credential: Do not use admin as your blog login name.

8. Security: Hide WordPress version, WP-config.php file and WP-content directory. To hide WordPress version go to your cPanel and remove readme.html and license.txt file. Because both of this file store all information about your WordPress version.

9. Backup: Keep Backup your site regularly. It will help you to loss any data if your blog got hacked. So try to keep backup on daily basis.

10. Social: Use all kind of your social information in your blog. Because it will help you to identify you as real. And add some social plugin that helps you to share your post over social media.

Enough for today, I have not discussed details because I am planning for writing a second part of this post. So hope you will keep watching for next port.

In my next part i will write for newbie about some security issue. Hope it will help you to protect your blog. Until Then Have A Good Time.

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