Tips & Tricks: Change Your WordPress Site Password

Have you tried ever to change your WordPress site password? If you have or tried to change, then this post is only for you. This tips will help you to change your WordPress site password easily. We will do it by using phpMyadmin in your cPanel.

Change Your WordPress Site Password

If you have any fear doing this so at first create an another admin an give him full permission as your backup admin account. And hope you do not need to fear because I will show you step by step about how to change your WordPress site username.

Step 1: Now login to your cPanel account and go to database section

Step 2: Now click on to phpMyadmin

Step 3: Now wait sometime it will take sometime to reload the page.

Step 4: Now select your desired database here.

Step 5: Now click on wp_users table.

Step 6: Now you will see a list about your admin account.

Step 7: Now click edit on your desired admin account.

Step 8: Now delete the existing password and write a new one.

Step 9: Now select md5 on function column and click on Go button after loading leave the page.

Step 10: Go to your WordPress login page and login with your new password.

Hope this tips will help you a lot to change your WordPress site password. See you in my next post until then Have a nice time.

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