Show Total Registered Users Number In WordPress

Showing registered users number in WordPress is not so difficult. There are so many way to show it. But today i will show you two way that you can show your total registered number in WordPress. Hope it will increase the branding and reputation of your site. So lets go do it.

registered users number

Registered Users Number In WordPress

Way 1: Using a Plugin

At first you have to install and activate Simple Blog Stats plugin in you WordPress site. After activation the plugin you have to visit Settings » Simple Blog Stats menu to configure the plugin.simpleblogstats

This plugin allows you to show different kind of statistics of your WordPress blog. Now click on shortcode section. Now the section will expand and you will see a a shortcode for  ‘number of users’.sbsusers

You will see the shortcode [sbs_users] with two text fields on both sides. These text fields contain HTML the plugin will add before and after the number of users.

By default the shortcode will be like below:

If you are unsure, then just copy the shortcode [sbs_users] and click on the save settings button.

Now you can use your shortcode to any WordPress post or page to show your total registered users number in wordpress. Otherwise you can use a widget also to show your registered users number in sidebar.

Way 2: Manual

The manual way is a little bit tough for newbies but who are familiar with WordPress coding they can easily do it. You need to add the following code to your theme functions.php file.

This code creates a shortcode [user_count]which you can also use on your WordPress page, post, widget or in your theme. This shortcode or function does not generate any HTML formatting. So you have to paste it in your own HTML formatting. You can create any kind of HTML formatting and just paste the shortcode where you want to see it.

Hope you will enjoy my tutorial. If there is any kind of problem do not hesitate to contact with us. Do not forget to like and comment below.

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