How To Install WordPress Manually In cPanel

Install WordPress manually is a piece of cake in this days. In previous post we have learned about how to install WordPress automatically using cPanel. But today we will learn manual WordPress Installation. It is not more difficult. All you have to do below.Install WordPress Manually

Install WordPress Manually

  • Download The Latest version of WordPress from WordPress official site
  • FTP access of your hosting account.
  • cPanel access of your hosting to create database.

If you can do this all then I can assure you that you are ready to install WordPress now. But I think this is more difficult for new users so let’s do it step by step.

Create Database And Database User

I think for non technical user it is a little bit tough to do this thing. So i will show you a easy way to do it. So follow the screenshot below to create a database and a username. Now login to your cpanel account and click MySQL Database Wizard Under Database Section.

Database Wizard

I think most of the hosting provider support MySQL Database Wizard which will make you so easier to create a database and user. Now in this page insert a name to create a database and click on Next Step.

Database Wizard Step 2

Now you have to create a username and password for your newly created database. You can use password generator to generate a complex password or can use your own.

Database Wizard Step 3

Now you have to give privileges to the user. Do the right things as below the screenshot.

Database Wizard Step 4

OK now click Next step and cheers database creation is completed now. Now the step for WordPress installation. Just make sure you have noted down the DB name username and password.

WordPress Installation

Upload downloaded WordPress compress file from to your desired directory where you want to install WordPress. You can upload via FTP and have to unzip from online file manager like the screenshot below.

WordPress File Extract

After the file extraction your all fill go into the folder WordPress. Now select all file and move them to your desired directory.

Now go to your and fill all the database credentials username and password and click next step. If all things correctly inserted then you will have to provide your site information like the screenshot below.

Final Step

Now provide your site title, description, username, password and email. My suggestion will be do not use admin as your username and use a complex password. Now click on Install WordPress button.

After sometime your WordPress installation will be successful. Now log into your WordPress by with your username and password.

Hope you will enjoy my tutorial. If there is any kind of problem do not hesitate to contact with us. Do not forget to like and comment below.

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