How To Install WordPress Automatically In cPanel

Install WordPress automatically is very easy to developers. But there are so many newbie who do not know how to install WordPress in cPanel. So today I will discuss about ‘How To Install WordPress automatically In cPanel by One Click’.

WordPress is very popular cms now a days. Different kind of site are being created by WordPress, like as: news portal, eCommerce, company website, blog and so many.

There are lots of demand of WordPress themes and plugin in the international marketplace. So if you want to build your carrier in WordPress you have to know about it.

So now I will show you how to install WordPress in cpanel. There are two way one is Automatic and two is manually. Today I will write about automatic installation.

Install WordPress Automatically

Install WordPress Automatically

If you have a cPanel then there may be a plugin like Softaculous or Fantastico Deluxe. But in different hosting provider the plugin name may be different. But as usual it is Softaculous and Fantastico Deluxe.

Now I will show you with Softaculous.

    • Login to your cpanel account and find Softaculous plugin.


  • Now click and go to Softaculous plugin installation homepage.
  • From here in the right navigation menu you will find WordPress option. Click on that and it will forward you to WordPress installation page.Softaculous WordPress Install
  • Here you have to fill all the field. if you want to install in your root directory then leave blank on directory field.
  • Do not change anything in database or prefix field, but if you have enough knowledge about it then you can change it.
  • Now fill your site title, description, your admin email and theme. If you do not like any theme provided you can leave it to default. Now click on Install button, And your installation progress will be started. If complete then you can login to your newly installed WordPress site with your login details.

Hope this tutorial will help you to install a WordPress automatically in your cPanel. In my next post I will write about manual installation. Do not forget to like and comment below.

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