Best Plugin To Manage Automatic WordPress Updates

Manage automatic WordPress updates means you do not have to maintain your updates manually. So you can do it automatically.

WordPress updates are so much important for security and stability for your WordPress sites. So today we will see how to manage automatic WordPress updates of your WordPress core engine, plugins and themes.

Manage Automatic WordPress Updates

manage automatic wordpress updates


At the beginning I have told that updates are very important for your WordPress core engine, plugins and themes. So you have to keep your WordPress site up to dated. Some minor updates WordPress do itself but major updates you have to do it manually. And plugins and themes updates also need to be done manually.

wordpress updates

Sometime many of us feel that updating in a regular basis is very annoying thing. It kill times when you have to manage multiple WordPress sites. Then this automatic update manager will be helpful to you. Now lets see how to setup an automatic updates manager for your WordPress site.

Easy Updates Manager

At first you have to install Easy Updates Manager plugin to your WordPress website. Then activate the plugin and go to the plugin options page Dashboard » Updates Options.

Plugin Options Page

You will find different tabs like core updates, minor updates, major updates, plugin and themes updates. Here you can select which should update automatically and which should not.

The default settings is same for every users and it is so important that you should not disable the core updates, themes and plugins updates. Because these updates are very important for your site, there are some more updates like translation and you can disable this kind of updates. Because this type of updates does not effect your website so much.

Update Options Page

Now from the menu tab you will find general, plugins and themes menu, where you can select which type of updates you need to do automatically.

Plugin Updates Option

Now you can enable minor releases but should disable major updates. Because in the major updates there may be some changed which can affect your website. So you should do the major updates manually. But if there nothing to worry then you can enable it.

Now save the page and go to installed plugin list area. You will see Enable Automatic Updates below every plugin.

If automatic update change any major part of your WordPress plugins then you can easily roll back to previous version using WP Rollback Plugin.


I hope this post will help you to make your WordPress experience so easy and enjoyable. Do not forget to like, share and comment.

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