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5 Best Social Share Plugin For Your WordPress Blog

I think social share is the most powerful system for gaining good quality visitors. So you have to present your blog with a good looking social sharing button. So I am sharing today 5 best social share

Best Plugin To Manage Automatic WordPress Updates

Manage automatic WordPress updates means you do not have to maintain your updates manually. So you can do it automatically. WordPress updates are so much important for security and stability for your WordPress sites. So today we

Best WordPress Deals For Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2016

Best WordPress Deals are available for next few days because of black Friday and cyber Monday 2016. I everyone is looking for some savings at this time and I think this is the best time for savings.

Show Total Registered Users Number In WordPress

Showing registered users number in WordPress is not so difficult. There are so many way to show it. But today i will show you two way that you can show your total registered number in WordPress. Hope

How To Install WordPress Manually In cPanel

Install WordPress manually is a piece of cake in this days. In previous post we have learned about how to install WordPress automatically using cPanel. But today we will learn manual WordPress Installation. It is not more

How To Install WordPress Automatically In cPanel

Install WordPress automatically is very easy to developers. But there are so many newbie who do not know how to install WordPress in cPanel. So today I will discuss about ‘How To Install WordPress automatically In cPanel

9 Common Misconception About WordPress

Misconception about WordPress is very common to us. WordPress Now Powers 26% of the Web – Apr 28, 2016. Generally these misconceptions were created by listening by others. So today i will discuss about 9 misconceptions about

15 Things You Should Do Before Changing WordPress Themes

Changing WordPress themes is a very common habit of a WordPress users. Sometimes we need to change WordPress themes for many facilities and features. But for common WordPress users it is very general to not follow the

How To Change Default WordPress Email And Sender Name

If you want to change default WordPress email and sender name, I think it is a best idea. Because if any of your site user get a notification they will see an address like this: [email protected] This

How To Reset WordPress Password From cPanel

Reset WordPress password is very essential when you forget it or your site got hacked. Because most of hackers change the username and change the  password. Sometimes they delete the default admin account and inject script on

6 WordPress Roles & Capabilities Details

Many of us use WordPress and make so many site in WordPress but do not know about WordPress roles and capabilities. Today I am going to describe more information about WordPress roles. WordPress Roles & Capabilities Super