9 Common Misconception About WordPress

Misconception about WordPress is very common to us. WordPress Now Powers 26% of the Web – Apr 28, 2016. Generally these misconceptions were created by listening by others. So today i will discuss about 9 misconceptions about WordPress, which will be important to new WordPress users.



1. Blogging Tool
Many people thinks WordPress only a blogging tools, although WordPress started as a blogging tool. But now you can create a web software with WordPress. In every 6 website there is 1 website created by WordPress which is not a blog. Now people is creating eCommerce, news portal, corporate website, educational website and so many with WordPress.

2. Web SecurityWeb Security

So many people thinks WordPress is not secured enough. WordPress is an open source software, so many people working on the WordPress community to make it more strong and secured. DDos and malware is common to web not WordPress. Using a strong password and following some rules can make WordPress more strong.

3. eCommerce

In previous days people believed that WordPress is not suitable for eCommerce website. But I think WordPress is being so strong day by day for eCommerce. There are so many payment gateway and plugins for eCommerce. So WordPress is now most strong eCommerce cms.

4. Free CMS

I have heard from so many people that WordPress is free and can charge anytime. They should know WordPress is not a individual property that can charge anytime, it is a property of a community and free for all time. And WordPress is earning million dollar by giving you a free software.

5. SupportSupport

Most of people install WordPress and do not know where to get support for WordPress. I am telling them there are so many large and dedicated community to help you at free of cost anytime. Just you have to find and share your problem. WordPress Support is a big platform of support for newbies.

6. Standard

WordPress is a world class standard software. So you can easily build a standard website, blog, web apps and so many with WordPress. Its has a good looking theme support and a huge free theme resources.

7. Same Look

Many people install WordPress and use the default theme so many website or blog may look like same. But you can customize your WordPress theme yourself. You can make a unique look for your website easily. Just take a look on up Work, Theme Forest & Studio Press.

8. Only For Newbie

WordPress only for newbie who only knows HTML and css. But who knows advanced coding, WordPress is not for them this is not true. As a easy management system WordPress can be used by all level user. It is popular to newbies and expert also.

9. Not For High TrafficHigh Traffic

WordPress is not suitable for high traffic website but this is not true. See Tech crunch & The Next Web are made by WordPress and they have a good number of traffic. And day by day very much popular website are being converted to WordPress for easy content management.

Hope I have cleared some Misconceptions about WordPress to you. Do not forget to like and comment below.

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  1. Sanne

    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me sthargit.

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