6 WordPress Roles & Capabilities Details

Many of us use WordPress and make so many site in WordPress but do not know about WordPress roles and capabilities. Today I am going to describe more information about WordPress roles.

6 WordPress Roles & Capabilities Details

WordPress Roles & Capabilities

  • Super Admin: This role contain main power of a WordPress site. It has no bound and limit. This role can control anything of a WordPress site. This role is created when you install WordPress on your site.
  • Administrator: The 2nd level admin account. This have also same power level like super admin. But there may be some limitation if super admin want. Otherwise it control and edit all kind of system in WordPress by default.
  • Editor: This is like a editorial role. This role can edit all kind of published and unpublished post in a WordPress blog. This role can set a post to pending or can delete a post without admin permission. Otherwise he can not edit and change any settings of WordPress. But this type of role help admin to keep watching on the blogs user about what are they publishing and what they should not.
  • Author: This role can write post and can publish his post without admin permission. Can edit and delete his own post. Otherwise there is no extra permission for this role.
  • Contributor: This role can write a post and can not publish it without admin permission. So the permission of this post is only to write, read and comment on post.
  • Subscriber: This role has no special privileges. Only subscribe to the site to get update and notifications.

So if you search on google and WordPress official sites about WordPress roles you will get more important information. I just described here the main focus of these WordPress roles. So hope you have enjoyed, do not forget to like and comment below.

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