5 Best WordPress Plugins – Part 2

This is my second part about the post 5 best WordPress plugins. Hope the last part was awesome. Today I will discuss about more 5 plugins which will make your WordPress experience awesome.

WordPress Plugins

Google XML Sitemaps (More Details)

wordpress plugins

This plugin will help you to generate a better XML sitemap which will specially represent your site to google. It will be so easier to search engine to understand about your site content and what quality content you have. So hope this Google XML sitemaps plugin will help you to generate a standard XML sitemaps.

Meta Tag Manager (More Details)

You can easily add custom meta tags to your site with this plugin. Such as we need insert meta tag when we verify our site to a webmaster tool or analytic tools, then you can easily insert the code in this plugin’s dashboard and can verify your website.

Hide Update Reminder Message (More Details)

When you control a community blog via WordPress then it is very ugly to show update notification to your site user’s. So you can easily hide your site’s plugin, theme and core update notification with this plugin. Only you can see the notification otherwise other members will not see any notification.

WP Copy Protect (More Details)

wordpress plugins

This is the most wanted plugin I ever see. Just think how much time and hard work you spent on your blog, then you write a good quality content. Now think if someone easily copy your content and post on his own blog, then I think our time and hard work has no value. But there is no fully protection about copying, thereafter this plugin will disable text select option and right click option.

WP PageNavi (More Details)

This plugin will help you to create a attractive page navigation on your site. It will make easy access to visitor about your site. There are so many design with this plugin. And you can set color match with your site color set.

All of these are my best WordPress plugins part 2 collection. Hope you will like all my collection and hope this collection will help you so much. See you in my next post 5 Best WordPress Plugins Part 3. Have a nice time.

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